Adam Sisman


Adam Sisman is the author of various biographies, all very well received by the critics. His first book, published in 1994, was a life of Trevor-Roper’s colleague and rival, A.J.P. Taylor, lauded by the late Roy Jenkins as ‘one of the most succinct, complete and satisfying biographies I have read for a long time.’ Boswell’s Presumptuous Task, which appeared in 1999, was praised as ‘extraordinarily gripping’ and ‘wonderfully vivid’ by Richard Holmes, and as ‘fabulously entertaining, deft and witty’ by Philip Hensher; it was shortlisted for various prizes, including the Whitbread, and won the Biography Prize awarded by the American National Books Critics Circle. In 2006 Sisman published a much-admired study of the friendship between Wordsworth and Coleridge, described by Diana Athill as ‘unputdownable’. His recent biography of Hugh Trevor-Roper is published in paperback on 1 September.

Courtesy of the Soho Literary Festival.