1001 Nights

February 2, 2014

The bedtime stories of Sinbad, Ali Baba and Aladdin are enchanting stories. They’re also much more: violent, sexually explicit, political, and feminist.

  1. 1001 Nights 101

    The Thousand and One Nights have been told and re-told for centuries, censored and banned in the Middle East, and made into cheesy Disney movies for kids. But have you ever read them? Here's the backstory with Steve Paulson. 

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  2. 1001 Nights: A Retelling - Hanan Al-Shaykh

    Sheherezade –  the world’s first feminist. Lebanese writer Hanan Al-Shaykh has re-told some of her stories in a new collection.

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  3. SONIC SIDEBAR: Orhan Pamuk on The Arabian Nights

    How relevant are 1001 Nights today? Well, they’re still a powerful influence for some very famous writers. Here' Turkish author, Orhan Pamuk.

    You can also hear our interview with Pamuk on his novel "Snow."

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  4. Salman Rushdie on "Luka and the Fire of Life"

    The first stories in "Thousand and One Nights" were written down in the ninth century. They’ve been added to over the years. In some ways, it’s not so much a book as a living river of stories. Some of the most recent additions come from the celebrated novelist Salman Rushdie.

    You can also hear many more interviews with Rushdie.


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  5. Dangerous Idea: No Laugh Track

    Author Chuck Klosterman's Dangerous Idea? Laugh tracks are the most philosophically stupid thing. Ever.

    We've interviewed Klosterman a number of times, here's a link to more interviews with him.

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  6. On Our Minds: Defense Contractors

    Erik Prince was the founder and CEO of Blackwater, the controversial private military contractor. He's also been called a soldier for hire and a mercenary.  

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