The 51%

August 4, 2013
(was 11.18.2012)

There's been a hot spotlight shining down on women this past year.  From allegations of a war on women to the debate about reproductive rights, it's hard to tell how far women have come and just where they're going. So, what does feminism look like today? The first woman governor of Vermont says these days it's a family affair. And do we still need feminism when, according to one journalist, we're witnessing the decline of men and the ascendance of women?

  1. Caitlin Moran on Feminism

    Whatever happened to feminism?  Critic Caitlin Moran thinks it's alive and well - in fact, most women are leading feminist lives even if they don't know it yet.  She's here to set them straight.

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  2. Madeline Kunin on the New Feminist Agenda

    Madeline Kunin was the first female governor of Vermont - she served three terms and went on to serve as the Deputy Secretary of Education in the Clinton Administration.  So, ask a product of feminism where the movement is heading next and she'll tell you, it's all about women, work, and family.

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  3. Tia Fuller on Leading a Jazz Life

    Tia Fuller's life is steeped in jazz.  She's a saxophone player who composes, teaches, and has several albums under her belt.  If that's not enough, she also spent five years touring the world with Beyonce's all-woman R & B band.  Her new album is called "Angelic Warrior."

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  4. Hanna Rosin on the End of Men

    Maybe feminism is a moot point. According to journalist Hanna Rosin, in the rapidly changing world we live in, women are far outpacing men.  She writes about the trend in her book "The End of Men."

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