After the Romance

October 20, 2013
(was 03.03.2013)

Here’s the truth: the wild romance will probably end. Wedding vows, intimacy, heartache… they can have a long shelf-life. But those butterflies in your stomach? Wild libidinal longings? They tend to quiet over time.

So what happens after the romance ends? From passionate marriage, to commitment to the single life, to just a few angry break-up songs... it's all here in After the Romance.

  1. 28 Firsts - Whitney Jones

    New romances are all about novelty, about breathtaking firsts. Over time, the feel of those firsts can fade from joyful to...

    Independent producer Whitney Jones shares First Love and 27 Other Firsts.


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  2. Passionate Marriage?

    Is your marriage passionate? Can we feel thrilled by the same person we look to for intimacy and security?

    Esther Perel says, "Yes." She's the author of Mating in Captivity.

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  3. Open Up?

    Open relationships are no vestige of the swinging seventies. Although we don't know how many people have opened up, sex-educator Tristan Taormino says that you probably know someone in an open relationships, you just might not know that you know.

    Taormino tells Steve Paulson that there are myriad manifestations of "open..."

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  4. Husband & Husband

    After nearly three decades together, Brian Kaufman and Martin Swinger recently got hitched on the first day gay marriage became legal in the state of Maine.

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  5. Smiling Singles?

    In late 2011, Kate Bolick was on the cover of The Atlantic, along with a banner in bold type that read, "What, Me Marry?"

    The article sparked debates about the rise of the single woman, the demise of men, and the state of marriage. A year later, Anne checks in with her about the single life.

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  6. Break-Up Songs

    Of course, After the Romance can also come break-ups. The silver-lining to any break-up? The soundtrack.

    Robin Linn and Jason Saldanha of Sound Opinions join producer Sara Nics to talk about songs of rage, revenge and moving on.

    Looking for the full list of suggested break-up song? Here it is.

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