Alternative Endings

September 8, 2013

What if our lives were like DVDs?  What if we had alternative endings to look forward to, instead of death?  We explore our lust for immortality.  And we look at the many alternative endings that Ernest Hemingway wrote for his classic novel, "A Farewell to Arms."


  1. Surviving a Mass Extinction - Annalee Newitz

    Annalee Newitz talks about her book, "Scatter, Adapt, and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction."

    Average: 4.4 (7 votes)
  2. Immortality - Adam Leith Gollner

    Adam Leith Gollner talks about his book, "The Book of Immortality: The Science, Belief, and Magic Behind Living Forever."

    Average: 5 (4 votes)
  3. Immortality -- Stephen Cave

    Stephen Cave talks about his book, "Immortality: The Quest to Live Forever and How It Drives Civilization."

    Average: 4.9 (8 votes)
  4. "A Farewell to Arms" Alternative Endings - Sean Hemingway

    Sean Hemingway talks about the many alternative endings that his grandfather, Ernest Hemingway, wrote for the novel, "A Farewell to Arms."

    Average: 4.8 (4 votes)