Amazing Minds: Inside Autism

July 18, 2010
(was 08.02.2009)

He's been described as "the most remarkable mind on the planet" and one of the world's "100 living geniuses." Daniel Tammet lives with high-functioning autistic savant syndrome. He's able to recite the mathematical constant Pi to over 22,500 decimal places from memory. But Tammet says that the differences between savant and non-savant minds are exaggerated. Daniel Tammet explains how his amazing mind works. Also, philosophy professor Ian Hacking on "Humans, Aliens and Autism."

  1. Daniel Tammet on "Embracing the Wide Sky"

    Daniel Tammet may be the most remarkable mind on the planet.

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  2. Tricia Regan on "Autism: The Musical"

    "Autism: The Musical." It's about a group of autistic children who decide to put on their own show.

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  3. Karl Taro Greenfeld on "Boy Alone"

    Karl Taro Greenfeld tells Jim Fleming he's never had a conversation with his brother.

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  4. Ian Hacking on "Humans, Aliens and Autism"

    In "Humans, Aliens and Autism" Ian Hacking analyzes the use of the alien metaphor as applied to people with autism.

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  5. Tyler Cowan on a Disordered World

    Tyler Cowan is an economics professor and author of "Create Your Own Economy: The Path to Prosperity In A Disordered World."

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