The American Guards Who Kept Saddam Hussein Safe Until His Execution

July 30, 2017
The Trial of Saddam

SSGT D. Myles Cullen, USAF (CC0)

In the months prior to his 2006 execution, Saddam Hussein was held under 24-hour guard by 12 young American soldiers.  Some were just out of basic training.  To their surprise, they grew to like the “Butcher of Baghdad.”  He called them “his friends.”  Then it was time to execute him.  

Will Bardenwepper, an Iraq War veteran, investigates the emotional fallout and moral questions that haunt the Super Twelve in “The Prisoner in His Palace.” Charles Monroe-Kane sat down to talk with him and also with one of the guards: Private First Class Adam Rogerson, a young soldier from Ohio who was assigned guard duty at just 22 years old.


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