Anywhere - Mishy Harman

August 3, 2014

Mishy Harman, host of the "Israel Story" radio program, shares his story of trying to win back his ex-girlfriend by hitchhiking around the world.  The first season of "Israel Story" in English, starts August 18th on the Vox Tablet podcast.



Completely made up but greatly told
No Slovenian-Ukrainian border, but Slovakian-Ukrainian. The Trans-Siberian train takes longer than 4 days to Beijing, more or less 5 or more. It does not pass through Kiev, as well.

hi, and thanks for your comment. nothing is made up, all happened just as told. you are right that there i mistakenly said slovenian-ukrainian border instead of slovakian-ukrainian border. sorry about that... the train did indeed take nine days (there are different routes, and many stops one can make on the way), and nowhere is it mentioned that the train passes through kiev. i got on, as i say, in moscow. i had been to kiev while hitchhiking through the ukraine en route to moscow. anyway, glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for paying such close attention!

Hi Mishy! Just had to say I loved your story and giggled while listening to it on my way to work today. Thanks for sharing and adding a little adventure to my day. :-)

I suspect the author knows this by now, but it seems unlikely that inflexibility has anything to do with the split and former partner's response to the album.... More likely his desperation that also resulted in the globetrotting behavior. Also, though interesting, I'd definitely chuck that story as first date fodder.

You know, this really spoke to me in one of those "I needed to hear this right now" ways and made me smile. Thank you for TAKING this journey and thank you for sharing. :)

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