Apes and Humans

January 12, 2014
(was 06.09.2013)

Are humans really unique?  Not as much as we think, says renowned primatologist Frans de Waal.  So what do our ape cousins - chimps & bonobos - think and feel?  Also, the remarkable story of a feral child who lived with monkeys.



  1. Marina Chapman on "Girl With No Name"

    Marina Chapman has the most remarkable story - kidnapped and abandoned in the South American jungle, living only with monkeys. Eventually, she's rescued and years later, moves to England, where she marries and raises a family.  Marina and her daughter Vanessa James tell this story.

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  2. Checking Marina Chapman's story

    Is Marina Chapman's story true?  Telegraph reporter Philip Sherwell traveled to Colombia to check on her remarkable story.  

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  3. Frans de Waal on chimps & bonobos

    Are humans unique - or really not that different from other apes?  Primatologist Frans de Waal says chimps & bonobos share many of our traits, including empathy and a sense of fairness.

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  4. Chimp named Bruno Littlemore

    Bruno Littlemore is a talking chimp - a creature who straddles the world between humans and animals.  His creator, novelist Benjamin Hale, describes his fascination with primates.

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  5. Jane Goodall excerpt

    In this short excerpt, Jane Goodall talks about her lifelong wish to get inside the mind of a chimpanzee.  What's it like to think without words?

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  6. Colin McAdam on Chimp Fiction

    Novelist Colin McAdam conjures a fictional world of a childless couple who adopt a rambunctious chimp.  We hear excerpts of his novel "A Beautiful Truth."

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