Apes and Humans

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Are humans really unique?  Not as much as we think, says renowned primatologist Frans de Waal.  So what do our ape cousins - chimps & bonobos - think and feel?  Also, the remarkable story of a feral child who lived with monkeys.



  1. Marina Chapman on "Girl With No Name"


    Marina Chapman has the most remarkable story - kidnapped and abandoned in the South American jungle, living only with monkeys. Eventually, she's rescued and years later, moves to England, where she marries and raises a family.  Marina and her daughter Vanessa James tell this story.

  2. Checking Marina Chapman's story


    Is Marina Chapman's story true?  Telegraph reporter Philip Sherwell traveled to Colombia to check on her remarkable story.  

  3. Frans de Waal on chimps & bonobos

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    Are humans unique - or really not that different from other apes?  Primatologist Frans de Waal says chimps & bonobos share many of our traits, including empathy and a sense of fairness.

  4. Chimp named Bruno Littlemore


    Bruno Littlemore is a talking chimp - a creature who straddles the world between humans and animals.  His creator, novelist Benjamin Hale, describes his fascination with primates.

  5. Jane Goodall excerpt


    In this short excerpt, Jane Goodall talks about her lifelong wish to get inside the mind of a chimpanzee.  What's it like to think without words?

  6. Colin McAdam on Chimp Fiction


    Novelist Colin McAdam conjures a fictional world of a childless couple who adopt a rambunctious chimp.  We hear excerpts of his novel "A Beautiful Truth."