Apocalypse, Now

December 30, 2012

How many ways can you imagine the end of the world?   To celebrate the end of 2012, we've gathered some of our favorite apocalyptic fiction.  Doomsday scenarios from award-winning novelists and short story writers, featuring  zombie invasions, mutant plagues, fire and brimstone.  Just a little something to keep you awake tonight.

  1. Justin Taylor on "The Apocalypse Reader"

    Jim Fleming talks with Justin Taylor, editor of "The Apocalypse Reader," a collection of 34 short stories about the end of the world.

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  2. Kevin Brockmeier on "The Brief History of the Dead"

    Anne Strainchamps talks with Kevin Brockmeier about his novel which concerns the dead who have not yet passed from living memory.

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  3. Brenda Peterson on Rapture Here

    She is the child of fundamentalist Christians but her father was a forest ranger and she grew up in a remote wilderness cabin.

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  4. Margaret Atwood on "The Year of the Flood"

    Novelist Margaret Atwood talks about her latest book, "The Year of the Flood," with Steve Paulson. The book posits a new religion formed after most life on Earth has been obliterated.

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  5. Jim Crace on "The Pesthouse"

    Jim Crace's novel "The Pesthouse" takes place in America after an un-named eco-disaster has decimated the population and destroyed much of our hi-tech civilization.

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