Apocalyptic Thinking

March 16, 2014

Global pandemics, alien invasions, the Second Coming....why do we love imagining the end of the world?  We examine apocalyptic thinking – from vampire movies to the Book of Revelation.

  1. Vampires - Margot Adler

    Why are there so many vampire novels - not to mention vampire movies and comics?  NPR reporter Margot Adler looks behind our obsession with vampires.

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  2. Sonic Sidebar: Apocalypse Cakes

    OK, you're contemplating the end of the world. How about a snack? Shannon O'Malley shares her apocalypse cakes.

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  3. End of World Meme - Barry Vacker

    Apocalyptic stories are more than just entertaining. Millions of Americans believe the world will soon end. Cultural critic Barry Vacker unpacks this end-of-world meme.

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  4. Revelations - Elaine Pagels

    The Book of Revelation is the Bible's last - and most controversial - book. Renowned historian Elaine Pagels explains the enduring power of this apocalyptic story.

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  5. BookMark: Richard Powers

    Novelist Richard Powers bookmarks "Objects and Empathy" by Arthur Saltzman.

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  6. On Our Minds: Margaret MacMillan on World War 1

    Ever wonder what caused the outbreak of World War One? Oxford historian Margaret MacMillan recounts its origins on its 100th anniversary.

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