June 13, 2010

There's no question – we crave authenticity. You want "real" Chinese or Mexican food? Then make sure you find a restaurant that makes food the way it's made in the old country. Music lovers are also obsessed with authenticity - from folk and blues to rap...just consider the mantra of hip hop - "keeping it real." In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge we'll explore this cult of authenticity

  1. Richard Todd on the Search for Authenticity

    Cultural Critic Richard Todd looked at modern life and saw others telling what is and isn't real.

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  2. Sherman Alexie on Authentic Indian

    Sherman Alexie is a celebrated fiction writer who is also Spokane, and who has strong opinions about what it means to be a real Indian.

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  3. Yuval Taylor on Music Authenticity

    Music critic Yuval Taylor tells Steve Paulson that authenticity in music is a complicated business.

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  4. Vikram Chandra on Indian Writers

    Vikram Chandra writes in English, the language of the colonizer, and faces accusations that he's not really an Indian writer.

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  5. Barry Glassner on Authentic Food

    Don't look for authenticity on your plate! That's the message of Barry Glassner's book, "The Gospel of Food."

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  6. Great Big Sea's "The Hard and the Easy"

    Alan Doyle, Bob Hallett and Sean McCann are the founding members of the band Great Big Sea. Their music has its roots in Newfoundland traditional folk music, but it rocks!

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