Begin Again

December 29, 2013
(was 12.30.2012)

Well we made it through the anticipated apocalypse. 

Now, to say, "Goodbye old year; hello, new."
To help us begin again, we’ve got a collection of stories about putting challenges behind us. About transformation. About coming through hard times into a new life.
  1. Time to Mourn - Ilana Harlow

    Maybe the first step to beginning again is taking the time to remember - and, if necessary, mourn - what’s past.

    Shortly after 9/11/01, Ilana Harlow talked about how creative rituals can help us.

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  2. Putting the Pieces Together - Jonathan Cott

    Once we’ve passed through hard times, it comes to picking up the pieces of our lives.

    For Jonathan Cott - after 36 ECT sessions erased 15 years of his memory - that was a real challenge. 
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  3. Humour & Healing - Marc Maron

    Marc Maron says he was washed up. Career? Over. 

    So he set up a microphone in his garage and starting talking with - and sometimes apologizing to - his fellow comedians.

    That's when things started turning around.

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  4. Moving On - Michelle Kennedy

    Sometimes beginning again means leaving an old life behind.

    For Michelle Kennedy and her three children, that led to living in their car.

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  5. Late Life Creativity - Molly Peacock

    Poet Molly Peacock's biography of the 18th century paper artist, Mary Delaney.

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  6. Writing Into Life - Christian Wiman

    Poet Christian Wiman says being diagnosed with cancer - and falling in love - spurred him to write.

    In this conversation with Jim Fleming, he reads poems throbbing with life, and talks about finding future.

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