Coming Home

May 23, 2010
(was 11.22.2009)

Boots on the Ground: Stories from the War in Iraq

Part Four


President Obama says our combat mission in Iraq will end by August 31, 2010. This leaves many unanswered questions. What was our mission in Iraq? Did we succeed? What will become of the country we invaded? Whatever the answers, our troops are coming home. But what are they coming home to? We'll talk with Iraq War veterans about the challenges of coming home. And, what about us? Are WE ready for THEM?

  1. Jim Sheeler on "Final Salute"

    Major Steve Beck is a Marine Casualty Notification Officer. And every Marine family's worst fear is seeing Major Beck at their door.

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  2. Sergeant John McCary's "The Fallen"

    Iraq War veteran Sergeant John McCary reads an e-mail he sent his family in 2004 about the brutal nature of the insurgency.

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  3. Kyle Hausmann-Stokes on Filming the War

    Kyle Hausmann-Stokes, like many returning Iraq War veterans, struggled alone with his PTSD. Eventually he got help and made a film called "Now, After."

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  4. General Loree Sutton on DoD and PTSD

    We hear the Commanding Officer of Fort Campbell, home of the Army's 101st Airborne Division, recorded when the based closed down for three days following a rash of eleven suicides.

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  5. Colby Buzzell on Living with PTSD

    An Iraq War veteran struggles with PTSD and addiction. What's it really like coming home from war?

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