Caitlin Moran on Feminism

Image:mbf2012 Via:Flickr Creative Commons
Image:mbf2012 Via:Flickr Creative Commons

Whatever happened to feminism?  Critic Caitlin Moran thinks it's alive and well - in fact, most women are leading feminist lives even if they don't know it yet.  She's here to set them straight. Moran is the author of "How to be a Woman," and "Moranthology."

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I am going to get the book and am hopeful it will be a guide for my daughter's generation. She is 13 and she and her friend 's are already proclaimed feminists.

Just listened to this (on podcast) this morn -- she is a great and funny interviewee. Esp. liked that she answered the questions on waxing directly and head-on. :-)

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