Channeling Creativity

September 19, 2010
(was 11.22.2009)

Lynda Barry rules the pages of the alternative press as the Queen of Comics. Her new book is about liberating the creative process. Barry believes that deep down we're all artists, if we could just get out of our own way. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge we'll talk about channeling creativity, whether we play the piano, plan advertising campaigns, or keep a journal. And we'll visit with a rock n' roll muse.

  1. Lynda Barry on "What It is"

    Part memoir, part comic and part activity book, "What It is" reflects Lynda Barry's belief that everyone is an artist and has stories to tell.

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  2. James Othmer on "Adland"

    James Othmer was the creative director of advertising behemoth Young & Rubicam. He tells tales of that life in his book, "Adland."

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  3. Pattie Boyd on "Wonderful Tonight"

    It was the best of times for Pattie Boyd. Her modeling career was booming and the sixties were exploding on the London scene. One day she got a call - she'd been cast in a Beatles film. The rest is history.

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  4. Geoffrey Colvin on Genius

    Geoffrey Colvin says that great performance is within the grasp of anyone who's willing to put in the right kind of practice.

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