Cold Adventures

February 2, 2014

The downhill skiers in Sochi know cold weather, but for real cold -- try diving into freezing water above the Arctic Circle!  In this hour, some sports too cold even for the Winter Olympics.

  1. Swimming to Antarctica - Lynne Cox

    When she was 18, Lynne Cox swam between the islands of New Zealand. She broke the men's and women's records for the English Channel. Then she did the unthinkable - swimming to Antarctica.

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  2. Sonic Sidebar: Ice Bowl Remembered

    The 1967 Ice Bowl is one of football's legendary showdowns, when the wind chill dipped to 50 below zero.  Commentator Bill Povletich remembers this historic game.

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  3. Rowing the Arctic - Jill Fredston

    Jill Fredston has rowed more than 20,000 miles of Arctic water, along the coastlines of Alaska and Greenland and alongside whales and polar bears.

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  4. Cold - Bill Streever

    Bill Streever is an Alaskan biologist and a "cryophile" - someone who loves the cold.  He describes what it's like to jump into freezing water as hypothermia starts to set in.

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  5. On Our Minds: History of Sunday

    Super Bowl Sunday is on our minds, we so called on Craig Harline to recount the history of Sundays, from the ancient Sabbath to the Super Bowl.

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