Could Psychedelic Drugs Save Your Life?

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Joel Filipe (CC0) 

March 5, 2017

Back in the sixties, LSD was all the rage — not just in the counterculture but also in psychiatric clinics. Then psychedelics were outlawed and decades of research vanished. Now, psychedelic science is back — and the early results are extraordinary. A single dose of psilocybin can help people with addictions, PTSD and end-of-life anxiety. We’ll examine this revolution in medicine, and explore the connections between psychedelics and mystical experience.

  1. Mother’s Little Helper: LSD?

    Writer Ayelet Waldman was struggling...with her marriage, her kids, her life.Then she took daily microdoses of LSD for a month and found a kind of beauty and calm she hadn’t known for years.

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  2. How Psychedelic Drugs Will Revolutionize Psychiatry

    Steve Ross, an addiction psychiatrist at NYU, says these drugs show remarkable promise for treating addiction and end-of-life anxiety — and they could save lives.

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  3. Lessons from a Psychedelic Guide

    A psychedelic trip can be mind-bending. So to be safe, you need a guide like Katherine MacLean, who can hold your hand and to help process what can be overwhelming experience. 

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  4. On A Mountain Top, With Ayahuasca And Frog Poison

    Dan Kasza tells the remarkable story of an unconventional treatment and how it’s helped him heal from serious PTSD.

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  5. Psychedelics and God

    Can psychedelics help you find God? Bill Richards is a unique figure in the study of psychedelics — a clinical psychologist at Johns Hopkins University who’s also a scholar of religion.

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