Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker on The Creative Universe

August 12, 2011

Cosmologist  Brian Swimme and Religion scholar Mary Evelyn Tucker tell the story of the origins of the universe, from the Big Bang to the present moment.  They describe the universe as a story of unceasing creativity.  They talk with Steve Paulson about their new book and film, "Journey of the Universe."


Watch the trailer:


I listened three times to your interview. I just love it. It is something I havethought in my own little unscientific brains for a long time. I even made a picture story of the same thought (without all the wonderful astronomy) some years ago. Maybe you like to see it:

Much love


It is all in English, even though you see the Spanish title...

One of the most striking parts of the program are not the guests, although they were fluent and articulate in a special way, but at the reaction of Steve Paulsen.

Steve seemed embarassed that scientists would use the words of poets demanded of an intensely creative universe to describe the most basic but hidden realities .

Steve sounded how I would have sounded as a young rational "scientist". Looking back and speaking for myself alone, I can now see that I was smug in my knowing.

I didn't know yet that I was a fool ... and that it would take that knowledge of that fact to let go of my smugness long enough to have my eternal breath snatched from me by the truth of who we are and distant glimpses of why we may be here.

Thanks, and congratulations on a great piece.


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