Dancing About Architecture: Arts Criticism

June 5, 2011
(was 04.18.2010)

It's been said that "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." But the rock critic Robert Palmer didn't have any trouble. Palmer wrote effortlessly about all kinds of music – rock and roll, blues, jazz and world music. The fact that Palmer was also a musician didn't hurt. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, Palmer's daughter, Augusta, and his fellow critic, Anthony DeCurtis, talk about what made Robert Palmer such a great critic. Also...John Mendelssohn on his double life as a music critic and a singer.

  1. Manohla Dargis on Film Criticism

    A New York Times film critic talks about the role of film criticism in contemporary society.

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  2. Augusta Palmer and Anthony DeCurtis on Robert Palmer

    Robert Palmer's music writing has great influence on John Lennon. Find out why.

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  3. Geeta Dayal on "Another Green World"

    A deck of "Oblique Strategies" cards has been used by artists to create music and write book.

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  4. John Mendelsohn on Receiving Criticism

    He talks about his new CD, "Sorry We're Open," and his future projects.

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