Shake Up Your Thinking

App Intelligence

App Intelligence? Santa Fe Institute president David Krakauer says we're on the verge of abdicating our free will to everyday apps.

Is Adulthood Dead?

Writer Scott Westerfeld believes the widespread popularity of youth culture is turning us all -- adults and adolescents alike -- into teenagers.

Dangerous Idea: Tax Water Use

As water becomes a scare resource, how about taxing everyone for the water they use? That's Michal Charles Moore's dangerous idea.

Are Human Beings Actually Rational?

Legal scholar Cass Sunstein believes humans are innately irrational.

Make Energy Democratic

"Shock Doctrine" journalist Naomi Klein's Dangerous Idea?  Democratize the world's energy supply.

Let's Put An End To Sexist Language

Cognitive researcher Douglas Hofstadter explains how gendered words and phrases — like using "guys" to refer to mixed company — can oftentimes reinforce sexist attitudes.

Take Off the Gloves

Jonathan Gottschall's dangerous idea? Remove the padded gloves from boxers and other fighters. That will reduce the brain damage to fighters.


Author Harriet Brown has a dangerous idea. What if stopped talking about how we look? Just stopped...