Shake Up Your Thinking

What if America really is exceptional?

The whole idea of American Exceptionalism has lost currency in recent years. But in this Dangerous Idea, cultural historian Andrew Warnes asks, What if American is exceptional after all?

The Box of a Trillion Souls: Stephen Wolfram on the Distant Future

In this dangerous idea, computational mastermind Stephen Wolfram wonders about the distant future of humanity, and what will happen when—not if!—humans achieve immortality.

Listener Dangerous Idea on Teaching

Kate La Riviere-Gagner's Dangerous Idea? There should be a reality show to give people a better idea of what a day in the life of a teacher is like.

Listener Dangerous Idea on Mythmaking

Role-Playing Game
Ben Riggs' Dangerous Idea?  Role-Playing Games represent the most significant development in the history of myth in perhaps centuries.

Dangerous Idea: Your Child is Not a Special Snowflake

child in snow
Katha Pollitt's Dangerous Idea?  Your child is not a special snowflake.

Listener Dangerous Idea on Black Education

Howard University Law School
Listener Bill Lowman's Dangerous Idea?  Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) need to be one of the lead agencies to define and defend African humanity.

Dangerous Idea: Can Real Life Superheroes Fight Crime?

Journalist Jon Ronson recounts his memorable night out with a real life superhero named Phoenix Jones. 

Dangerous Idea: Universal Recess!

adults playing with Lego
Mary Kay Zuravleff's Dangerous Idea?  Universal Recess.  For everyone.  Eight times a day.