Shake Up Your Thinking

Dangerous Idea: Latin Can Save Your Life

Princeton historian Anthony Grafton explains how learning conversational Latin inspired his students. 

Dangerous Idea: Why We Need Outsider Writers

John Safran says we need writers who are outsiders. Otherwise, groups will keep hiding their secrets.

Dangerous Idea: Human Vices Help Drive Evolution

Journalist Elizabeth Kolbert's Dangerous Idea:  human vices are just as important as human virtues in shaping evolution.

Dangerous Idea: Abolish Debt

Writer and activist Astra Taylor calls for a Jubilee to buy and abolish debt.

A Dangerous idea from John Waters

Now that gay marriage is (mostly) legal and gay characters are on television, does that mean that gay people have to be "good" all the time? John Waters sure hopes not.

Dangerous Idea: Why it's Good to be Alone

Even when there's no one else in the room, we're never really alone, argues Joshua Wolf Schenk.  We're in constant creative dialogue with the voices in our heads.  But we need solitude to hear them

Never Write For Free

Writer and activist Yasmin Nair's Dangerous Idea? Writers should always 

Dangerous Idea: Narcissism is Good

Elizabeth Lunbeck’s Dangerous Idea is narcissism is good.