Shake Up Your Thinking

Dangerous Idea: Why it's Good to be Alone

Even when there's no one else in the room, we're never really alone, argues Joshua Wolf Schenk.  We're in constant creative dialogue with the voices in our heads.  But we need solitude to hear them

Never Write For Free

Writer and activist Yasmin Nair's Dangerous Idea? Writers should always 

Dangerous Idea: Narcissism is Good

Elizabeth Lunbeck’s Dangerous Idea is narcissism is good.    

Dangerous Idea: A Palace of Unbuilt Roads

Hans Ulrich Obrist's dangerous idea is to create a museum for projects that haven't been completed—he calls it "A Palace of Unbuilt Roads."

Dangerous Idea: The Multispecies City

Image: Via: Flickr Creative Commons
Alastair Bonnett's Dangerous Idea? Let's change our cities to promote urban biodiversity.

Dangerous Idea: Love Your Enemy

Image: flahertyb Via: Flickr Creative Commons
Writer Karen Armstrong's dangerous idea is to love your enemies.

Dangerous Idea: Can Too Much Christmas Drive Kids to Kill?

Image: Jason Rossiter via: flickr
Jon Ronson's Dangerous Idea -- Can Too Much Christmas Drive Kids to Kill?

Dangerous Idea: Save the Habitat for All Creatures

Image: klemas Via: Flickr Creative Commons
Doug Peacock's Dangerous Idea? We need to save the planet before it's too late.