Shake Up Your Thinking

Dangerous Idea: A Palace of Unbuilt Roads

Hans Ulrich Obrist's dangerous idea is to create a museum for projects that haven't been completed—he calls it "A Palace of Unbuilt Roads."

Dangerous Idea: The Multispecies City

Image: Via: Flickr Creative Commons
Alastair Bonnett's Dangerous Idea? Let's change our cities to promote urban biodiversity.

Dangerous Idea: Love Your Enemy

Image: flahertyb Via: Flickr Creative Commons
Writer Karen Armstrong's dangerous idea is to love your enemies.

Dangerous Idea: Can Too Much Christmas Drive Kids to Kill?

Image: Jason Rossiter via: flickr
Jon Ronson's Dangerous Idea -- Can Too Much Christmas Drive Kids to Kill?

Dangerous Idea: Save the Habitat for All Creatures

Image: klemas Via: Flickr Creative Commons
Doug Peacock's Dangerous Idea? We need to save the planet before it's too late.

Dangerous Idea: Differential Technological Development

Image: hagerstowncc Via: Flickr Creative Commons
Nick Bostrom's Dangerous Idea? Societies should limit the development of harmful technologies while promoting beneficial ones.

Dangerous Idea: Capitalism Creates Psychopaths

Photo credit:  Hannes Engelbrecht via flickr creative commons
Jon Ronson believes capitalism favors psychopaths and is creating more of them.  

Dangerous Idea: Don't Recycle!

Ginger Strand’s dangerous idea on recycling. Or, rather, not recycling. She is a novelist famous for her novel Flight.