Shake Up Your Thinking

Dangerous Idea: Save the Habitat for All Creatures

Image: klemas Via: Flickr Creative Commons
Doug Peacock's Dangerous Idea? We need to save the planet before it's too late.

Dangerous Idea: Differential Technological Development

Image: hagerstowncc Via: Flickr Creative Commons
Nick Bostrom's Dangerous Idea? Societies should limit the development of harmful technologies while promoting beneficial ones.

Dangerous Idea: Capitalism Creates Psychopaths

Photo credit:  Hannes Engelbrecht via flickr creative commons
Jon Ronson believes capitalism favors psychopaths and is creating more of them.  

Dangerous Idea: Don't Recycle!

Ginger Strand’s dangerous idea on recycling. Or, rather, not recycling. She is a novelist famous for her novel Flight.

Dangerous Idea: Hacking Laughter

Filmmaker Albert Nerenberg's Dangerous Idea? Laugh more.  You can also watch his laughter hack video.

Dangerous Idea: Simulating drugs through hypnosis

Filmmaker and hypnotist Albert Nerenberg explains how we can simulate the effects of drugs through hypnosis.

Dangerous Idea: Investment Over Aid

Image: Moyan Brenn Via: Flickr Creative Commons
Josh Ruxin's Dangerous Idea? Instead of foreign aid, use entrepreneurial investment to reduce poverty around the world.

Dangerous Idea: Downloadable Selves

Image:Anders Sandberg Via:Flickr Creative Commons
Physicist Michio Kaku's Dangerous Idea? A virtual "library of souls."