Shake Up Your Thinking

Dangerous Idea: Critical Thinking

image by CriticalThinkingx
Rebecca Goldstein's Dangerous Idea?  Teach children to be rigorous critical thinkers.

Dangerous Idea: A Different Draft?

Ralph Nader's Dangerous Idea? Drafting the children and grandchildren of elected representatives.

Dangerous Idea: The LitMode 100

Image: Peter Eimon Via: flickr
Colson Whitehead's Dangerous Idea?  The LitMode 100.

Dangerous Idea: Not Believing in God

Lawrence Krauss's Dangerous Idea is NOT believing in god.

Dangerous Idea: Question Your Beliefs

Charles Eisenstein's Dangerous Idea?  Questioning our core beliefs can change our world.

Dangerous Idea: American Exceptionalism

Harvey Kaye's Dangerous Idea?  Re-discovering the true meaning of American Exceptionalism.

Dangerous Idea: We Are More Significant Than We Think

Astrophysicist Max Tegmark's Dangerous Idea?  We are more significant than we think.

Dangerous Idea: Life Roller Coaster

Image: Dirk-Jan Kraan via: flickr
B.J. Novak's Dangerous Idea?  The artist Christo designing a roller coaster inspired by life.