Shake Up Your Thinking

Dangerous Idea: Urban Exploration

victorian drain, south london via bradley garrett
Cultural geographer Bradley Garrett's Dangerous Idea? Rediscover overlooked sites in cities.

Dangerous Idea: Loneliness Is a Gift

Image:Y Via:Flickr Creative Commons
Novelist Olivia Laing's Dangerous Idea? Loneliness is a gift.

Dangerous Idea: Reclaim Time

Image: zamboni.andrea Via: flickr
Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff's Dangerous Idea?  We need to reclaim time.

Dangerous Ideas: Peace Is Now

Image:aldrin-muya Via:Flickr Creative Commons
Psychologist Steven Pinker's Dangerous Idea? We may be living in the most peaceful time of our species’ existence.

There is No Free Will: Sam Harris' Dangerous Idea

Image:micahb37 Via:Flickr Creative Commons
Author Sam Harris's Dangerous Idea? Free will may be an illusion.

Dangerous Idea: Open Source $ Via:Flickr Creative Commons
Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff's Dangerous Idea? Open source currency as the next money model.

Dangerous Idea: DSM as Satire

Writer Sam Kriss's Dangerous Idea? The "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" as satire.

Dangerous Idea: No Laugh Track

Image:hebedesign Via:Flickr Creative Commons
Author Chuck Klosterman's Dangerous Idea? Laugh tracks are the most philosophically stupid thing. Ever.