Daniel Kahneman on "Thinking, Fast and Slow"

January 15, 2012

Nobel Laureate psychologist Daniel Kahneman talks to Steve Paulson about the two basic systems that drive the way we think.  Kahneman is the author of "Thinking, Fast and Slow.'



Do you have any recommendation on books about meditation and its relation to how our brain work? I read some articles on internet, blogs, social media, etc, that meditation in fact helps to preserve our brain function and it's backed by research. I just need more recommendation. Thank you.

Ben - live and work in Jakarta

i hope i got this book, i really need to know how and when we should think fast and slow.
Sometimes i feel, i think too slow. But i hope someone can fix this, i search any litelature and some of book said this is genetical.

Is there any way too make us can think faster than usually?

Syari - Live and work in Surabaya

Actually i'm a trader. I know well how to make conclusion in litle time, sometimes it really push me to take a conclusion in few second.
Thinking fast is the most important one, and that's why i think i will agree in this book.


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