Decline of the Middle Class

December 18, 2011

The American middle class used to be living proof that the American dream was alive and well, providing homes and modest savings to anyone willing to work.  It’s another story today.  In this hour, the decline of the middle class.  How rising levels of income inequality shattered middle class dreams.  And, how to get them back.

  1. Jacob Hacker on Income Inequality

    How did the rich get richer while the American middle class got poorer?  Yale political scientist Jacob Hacker outlines the political policies that led to historic levels of income inequality.

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  2. Dean Bakopoulos on American Unhappiness

    Long before the Occupy movement made headlines, writer Dean Bakopoulos foreshadowed it in a darkly comic novel called My American Unhappiness. 

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  3. Juliet Schor on Plenitude

    Economist Juliet Schor co-founded The Center for a New American Dream.  Among her many proposals to fix the economy:  create more jobs by adopting a 30-hour work week and 3-day weekend.

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  4. Michael Lewis on the Global Recession

    If you think the American middle class has it bad, consider life in debt-ridden Italy or Greece. Best-selling financial writer Michael Lewis portrays the downfall of several European countries with his usual verve, in Boomerang:  Travels in the New Third World.

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  5. Occupy Wall Street vox

    Listen to some of the voices from the Occupy Wall Street protest at 60 Wall Street in New York.

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