The End of the World (As We Know It)

June 29, 2008
(was 06.17.2007)

It's the liberal's apocalypse. Consider empty big-box stories, deserted highways, worthless pieces of paper we used to call money. The economy collapses. There's widespread violence and social unrest. The only people with a fighting chance ride out the storm in life-boat communities with access to locally-grown food. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, the peak oil crisis. Also, doomsday scenarios from Islam to Christianity.

  1. Bryandt Urstadt on "Imagine There's No Oil"

    Bryandt Urstadt tells Steve Paulson about the grim future the peak oilers are already getting ready for and thinks we should all buy gold.

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  2. Ken Eklund on "World Without Oil"

    Ken Eklund is the creator of the alternate reality game "World Without Oil." He describes the game and we hear the comments of several game bloggers.

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  3. Martin Marty on the Rapture

    Theologian Martin Marty tells Steve Paulson that The Rapture is a fairly recent concept and can't be found in the Bible.

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  4. Jim Crace on "The Pesthouse"

    Jim Crace's novel "The Pesthouse" takes place in America after an un-named eco-disaster has decimated the population and destroyed much of our hi-tech civilization.

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  5. Lawrence Krauss on the End of the Universe

    Astrophysicist Lawrence Krauss talks with Steve Paulson about the cosmology of the end of the universe. The big bang will also have a big finish!

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