Facing Fox News and Reddit Trolls, Journalist Lauren Duca Persisted

March 19, 2017
Carlson V Duca

Original image courtesy of Mediaite. 

After Lauren Duca wrote an article for Teen Vogue called “Donald Trump is Gaslighting America,” she found herself sitting in a chair waiting to speak live with Tucker Carlson on Fox News. His producers had booked her after one of her tweets went viral. For her, that interview kicked off a whole storm of #garbage.



It seems to this baby boomer, out of touch with modern social realities, old-school male that Ms. Duca was called, by Tucker Carlson (not my favorite TV personality for just the reasons describes) to back-up her positions, albeit in a very aggressive way, and she feels as if she was unfairly treated. Dare I say she believes she was treated unfairly because she is a woman? Something about getting some small amount of satisfaction at the end of the interview by calling Mr. Carlson a "sexist pig".
First of all, I have seen more interviews by Mr. Carlson than I care to and from my observation, he is very hard on ALL his guests; male AND female. Does Ms. Duca believe he should have treated her differently (nicer/gentler) BECAUSE she is a woman?
Finally, how are we supposed to interpret her own admission that her only satisfaction from the whole experience was that she was able to get in a cheap personal insult?

The silly circus background music for this piece for this piece was sexist. Check out Tucker Carlson unleash his sexism against Bill Nye.

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