Facing Time

October 10, 2010
(was 03.15.2009)

On a remote high desert mountain top in Eastern Nevada they're building a clock. But not just any clock – a monument sized all mechanical clock that will run for ten thousand years. It's built as an icon to long-term thinking. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, we'll face time. We'll talk with the engineer of The Clock of the Long Now. Also, speed dialing be damned – we'll praise slow with Carl Honore. And, the physics of time travel. It's closer then you think.

  1. Alexander Rose on The Clock of the Long Now

    The Clock of the Long Now is an all mechanical clock being constructed in the high desert of Eastern Nevada designed to run for ten thousand years. We hear the chime.

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  2. David Toomey on the Physics of Time Travel

    Research and experiments on time travel being done by some of the world's leading theoretical physicists and David Toomey is here to tell us about it.

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  3. Lera Auerbach on her Dialogue with Time

    Lera Auerbach's obsession with time has impacted her life in music. We hear examples of her literary and musical achievements.

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  4. Carl Honore on the Slowness Movement

    Carl Honore talks with Anne Strainchamps about how the Slowness movement got started and how it's developed into a revolution.

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  5. Wade Davis on the Aboriginal Dream Time

    For the Aboriginal people of Australia, the concept of "The Dreaming" means an existence with no linear time.

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