September 15, 2013

The Jewish High Holy Days come to an end every fall on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.  This year, we're thinking about atonement and forgiveness.  Whether you're Jewish or non-Jewish, secular or religious, forgiveness is something we all struggle with.  Today we explore the path to forgiveness through old and new stories, music, and science. 

  1. Forgiving My Kidnappers - Amanda Lindhout

    Amanda Lindhout was kidnapped in Somalia and held for 460 days.  She believes the key to her survival and healing is learning to forgive her kidnappers.

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  2. Spiritual Renewal of Yom Kippur

    The founder of Storahtelling and the Lab/Shul re-interprets Yom Kippur as a Day of Forgiveness.

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  3. Can We Forgive War Criminals? - James Dawes

    James Dawes interviewed a collection of convicted war criminals from the Second Sino-Japanese War.  Today, they are "sweet old men" searching for forgiveness.  Do they deserve it?

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  4. I Apologize - Cary Sudler

    Cary Sudler returns to his ancestral home to apologize to the black members of his family for the injustice of slavery

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  5. Lost Sonic History of the High Holy Days - Henry Sapoznik

    The sonic sepia of a rare 78RPM lets us eavesdrop on Cantor Isaiah Meisels, singing prayers for theJewish High Holy Days in 1907.

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  6. Biology of Forgiveness - Michael McCullough

    Are humans hard-wired to forgive?  Psychologist Michael McCullough's research traces the evolutionary roots of forgiveness and revenge.

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