Giving It Away

October 21, 2012
(was 11.27.2011)

“Gifts make slaves, like whips make dogs” is a saying from Greenland’s Inuit culture.
How do you feel when someone gives you a gift? Grateful? Uncomfortable? Indebted?

Our guests weigh in on how major philanthropy could change the world, and the donors themselves. And one woman's effort to learn to refuse help when she doesn't want it, and ask for it when she does.

Want to hear our full-length interview with Ralph Nader? Listen in here.

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  1. Tracy Gary on Philanthropy

    When Tracy Gary inherited a million dollars, she decided to give it all away. As a philanthropic advisor, she's now helping others do the same.

    She spoke with Jim Fleming about transforming the culture of the so-called "one percent", and the hidden gifts of giving.

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  2. Ralph Nader on How Billionaires Could Fix the Country

    Ralph Nader says he knows how to fix the United States. If he could just get a few super rich people to give him $15 billion, he's got a plan for how to get it done.

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  3. Is it easier to give or to receive?

    There was an unexpected consensus among the people in Madison, Wisconsin, when we asked them whether it's better to get or to give.

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  4. Marion Winik on Raising Givers

    Marion Winik muses on macaroni and cheese, and the lessons it can teach parents - and kids - about giving.

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  5. David Graeber on the "Free Gift"

    "Gifts make slaves like whips make dogs" is an anthropologist's tale of inter-cultural difference in gift exchanges.

    David Graeber takes us on a tour of gift giving, and gift economies. He also takes a swing at the question of whether it's possible to give a truly selfless gift.

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  6. Asking To Help with Haddayr Copley-Woods

    It can be awkward to receive gifts. Especially if they’re gifts you don’t really want. The same goes for help.

    Haddayr Copley- Woods has been grappling with how to handle unwanted help since she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

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