God is Back

June 13, 2010
(was 07.19.2009)

Religion was supposed to be dying. But God is making a comeback in countries around the world, from Russia to China to Turkey. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, we'll get the story behind this global revival of faith. And tell you the remarkable saga of a group of Christian and Muslim women in Liberia who banded together to bring down their corrupt and violent President.

  1. Barbara Bradley Hagerty on "Fingerprints of God"

    NPR religion reporter Barbara Bradley Hagerty is a practicing Christian who interviewed mystics, skeptics and a wide range of scientists to see if her faith could really stand up to the latest scientific research.

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  2. Adrian Wooldridge on the Global Religious Revival

    Adrian Wooldridge tells Jim Fleming that unexpectedly, religious faith has not only survived into the modern era, it's thriving.

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  3. Gini Reticker on "Pray the Devil Back to Hell"

    In order to end the civil war in Liberia and the end of the brutal regime of Charles Taylor, a group of Christian and Muslim women used the power of prayer.

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  4. Robert Wright on "The Evolution of God"

    Robert Wright tells Steve Paulson that the history of monotheism was shaped by the political events of the turbulent ancient Middle East and that Jesus was not a prophet of peace but a typical Jewish apocalyptic preacher obsessed with the approaching End Times.

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