Good Hunting

January 17, 2010
(was 01.18.2009)

Put on your Blaze Orange and your waterproof boots, we're heading into the woods! Hunting is one of the oldest human activities, and despite markets full of food and TV nature specials about a world of oneness among species, hunting remains very popular. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge – people who hunt and some of their reasons why.

  1. Donald Waller on "The Vanishing Present"

    Donald Waller is a deer hunter and teaches at the University of Wisconsin. He tells Steve Paulson about the role hunting has played in the conservation movement.

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  2. Kim Hiss on Women & Hunting

    Kim Hiss tells Anne Strainchamps about her first hunt. Kim Hiss is an Associate Editor for Field and Stream Magazine and blogs as Huntress.

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  3. Bob Stout on Bowhunting

    Bowhunter Bob Stout provides a brief commentary on being in the woods.

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  4. Frank Boll on Photographing Wolves

    Videographer Frank Boll is satisfied with only a few seconds of good wolf footage in his series "Wolves in Wisconsin". He talks about what it took to get that much.

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  5. Tina Bertoni on Hunting Bear

    Tina Bertoni provides a commentary on what it was like to hunt a bear.

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  6. Tim Gallagher on Falcon Fever

    Tim Gallagher's hunting companion isn't his neighbor down the street, its a falcon named MacDuff. He tells us why he's fascinated by birds of prey.

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