A Hotel Built on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

May 15, 2016
exterior of The W San Francisco Hotel at night
exterior of The W San Francisco Hotel at night

What makes a happy workplace? It's pretty clear that most of us want more than just a paycheck. We walso want to do something we care about. The quest to build a corporate culture around meaningful work is what led Chip Conley to the pioneering psychologist Abraham Maslow and his "hierarchy of needs." At the bottom of Maslow's pyramid are baisc survival needs like food and shelter. And at the top is "self-actualization," where people reach their full potential. So what would a self-actualizing company look like?



I love ttbook but sometimes, you guys... If I wanted to hear CEOs stuffing psychology buzzwords into coporate-speak, I would search TED Talks for "self-actualizing company." This one is seriously lame.

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