How Not To Be Wrong

August 8, 2014

Why do so many people think they hate math?  Mathematician Jordan Ellenberg says deep down inside, we all think mathematically.  We just don't know it.



Journalists ought to be able to

1) pass high school chemistry with a grade of C or better
2) pass undergraduate-level Introduction to Statistics with a grade of C or better

or they should withdraw from public affairs journalism.

Please consult with a neurologist or cognitive scientist. I think he or she will tell you that this idea ("we all think mathematically") makes no sense. The reason why mathematics is a discipline is that humans do not naturally think mathematically.

I think this was all about how a lot of people seriously do hate math and really don't like it. When the man is describing things he is saying that we all think in a math way but we just don't know it.

The medium through which thoughtful people encounter the state of most current events is journalism.

Though journalists have better than average facility with language, they are otherwise ignorant and are often slow-witted. They are notoriously fearful of mathematics (a language distinct from the vernacular with which they have such a happy facility) and are suspicious and resentful of those who are not fearful in this way.

In the West, people are as likely as not to be personally successful and to live to an advanced age while not being easily differentiated from ambulatory wads of pet food so it's not surprising that journalists are insensate both to their own fear of mathematics and their efficacy in helping to instill the same in others.

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