Inside Cuba

A cuban flag hanging through a balcony window

Steve Paulson

May 24, 2015

As Cuba and the U.S. restore diplomatic relations, what's in store for Americans who want to visit Cuba? And for Cubans wanting more prosperity? Steve Paulson recently traveled to Cuba and brought back new stories about our island neighbor. From diplomacy to culture, we tackle jazz, baseball and politics—and offer an in-depth look at the lives of contemporary Cubans.

  1. Life as a Cuban Tour Guide

    Tour guides get paid more than surgeons in Cuba.  Why?  Tips from foreigners, especially Americans. Rosa Ricardo describes her life as a tour guide.

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  2. Why the Opening Between Cuba and the U.S.?

    Why are Cuba and the U.S. restoring diplomatic relations? Journalist Ann Louise Bardach says Cuba desperately needs to open up its economy now that its patron, Venezuela, can no longer play the role of sugar daddy. And Raul Castro is finally stepping out of the shadow of his ailing brother Fidel.

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  3. Rainforest Remedies

    The Topes de Collante nature reserve is nestled In the mountains southeast of Havana. We go for a hike with naturalist Andres Santana Diaz, who points out various natural remedies from rainforest plants.

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  4. American Expat Finds His Home in Cuban Jazz

    When he was 14, Paul Menendez went to Havana in 1966 to study music. He stayed...changed his name to Pablo, and ever since he's lived in Cuba, where he's now a famous jazz musician. Sitting on his Havana rooftop, Pablo tells Steve Paulson this remarkable story.

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  5. Cuban Rhythms

    What makes Cuban music so distinctive? Radio host Jonathan Overby describes its history, which blends African rhythms with Spanish elegance.

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  6. Baseball Diplomacy

    Rumors are flying that we'll see a Major League baseball game in Havana next year. But that doesn't account for the thorny problem of Cuban defectors now playing in America, or the crumbling infrastructure of Havana's baseball stadiums.

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