Jack Abramoff on Lobbying

May 27, 2012

Jack Abramoff.  He’s hardly a murderer. But to many in the Beltline, he’s the devil incarnate.  Senator Conrad Burns, said “I wish he’d never been born.”  Congresswoman Deborah Price said, “He is a creep, and we hate him.”  Paul Begala summed it up when he said on Crossfire “Jack Abramoff, he’s scum.” How did this guy earn such vitriol?  Jack Abramoff was the notorious lobbyist at the center of one of Washington’s most far-reaching corruption scandals.He served four years for fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy to bribe public officials.  His testimony brought down dozens of other public and elected officials.  And he still owes 44 million dollars in restitution.  Abramoff is out of jail now, and he told Anne Strainchamps he intends to spend the rest of his life making amends.



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