Jeffrey Kripal on the Paranormal

October 24, 2012

Poltergeists, ghosts, telepathy and other psychic phenomena used to be considered legitimate subjects for scientific research.  Historian Jeffrey Kripal recounts the intellectual history of the paranormal.



This edition was fun and the ghost stories are a good idea.

Then I hear this professor of something-or-other cite an encounter with a luminous, talking raccoon (!) related by **Kary Mullis** as confirmation of ... some kind of hoo-ha?! Good grief.

Professor Kripal despairs that such events aren't repeatable and so are unavailable as objects scientific inquiry. Honey, my dear, I *guaranty* to you, Dr. Mullis is more than capable of summoning up an entire zoological garden of furry, radiant, enthusiastic interlocutors at *any time*, even without pharmacological aid.

Honestly, over and over again, when I've decided that Steve Paulson can't produce anything more ... "Paulsonesque" ... he tops himself. Hats off!

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