Jim's Birthday!

We've taken to celebrating the birthdays of TTBOOK'ers lately, and this week it's Jim's turn.

By special request, we're sharing this collection of some of his favorite interviews. Enjoy!

Jim Fleming

Jim Fleming on Death

Jim Fleming provides an essay on the recent death of his mother.

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Parker Palmer

Parker Palmer on Life

Parker Palmer is a writer and educator who's spent a lot of time thinking about the question, "What makes life worth living?"

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Dennis O'Driscoll

Dennis O'Driscoll on "New and Selected Poems"

Irish poet Dennis O'Driscoll has eight books of poetry. The latest one is "New and Selected Poems."

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July, July

Tim O'Brien on Dissent Then and Now

Novelist Tim O’Brien talks with Jim Fleming about the life-long consequences of the decisions the Viet Nam generation made in their twenties, and says it’s harder to effectively protest today.

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Karl Marlantes on "What it is Like to Go to War"

Karl Marlantes on "What it is Like to Go to War"

Back in 1969, Marlantes was dropped in the middle of a jungle in Vietnam - at the age of 23, put in charge of the lives of 40 other young men. He was not psychologically or spiritually prepared for that or for what came after the war.

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