Kicked Out In America

January 22, 2017
(was 03.27.2016)

Nearly 20 million households in America are one paycheck away from losing their homes. For many of these families, keeping a roof over their head means having to choose between the rent or dinner that evening. This hour, we explore how housing insecurity drives poverty in America.

  1. Living Hand To Mouth In America

    Writer and activist Linda Tirado has lived a lot of shabby apartments over the years. She's dealt with greedy landlords, flooded apartments and bug infestations. As she writes in her memoir "Hand To Mouth: Living In Bootstrap America," substandard housing is just a fact of life when you're part of the working poor in America.

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  2. How America's Eviction Epidemic Drives Poverty

    For his book "Evicted: Poverty And Profit In the American City," Harvard sociologist Matthew Desmond spent more than a year living in some of Milwaukee's poorest black and white neighborhoods. He says evictions lock entire families into an endless cycle of poverty, and are far more common than they used to be.

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  3. Root Shock: How Urban Renewal Destroys Entire Communities

    Psychiatrist Mindy Fullilove has studied cities for decades. She says evictions destroy the social fabric of a community and are key to understanding why many cities and neighborhoods are so divided.

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  4. Finding A Way Home

    Nearly 600,000 people are homeless on any given night in America, and despite the obstacles, some do ultimately find their way out. Victor McDonald is one who did.

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  5. A Simple Solution To End Homelessness In America

    Chronic homelessness can seem like an intractable problem in America, but there's a new experiment going on across the country that's offering a bold new solution. The answer? Give people homes without any preconditions attached. It's called Housing First, and it's changing the way social workers think about homelesness.

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  6. Why An Iconic Folk Musician Stopped Playing And Started Making Instruments

    David Bromberg was once a legendary name in the American folk scene, but then he disappeared. He stopped performing and ultimately discovered a new career as a violin maker and collector. He's since returned to music, put together a quintet, and recorded a Grammy-nominated album. He dropped by our studios to perform a few songs and talk about his journey away from and back to music.

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