Living Democracy

August 26, 2012
(was 11.20.2011)

Before there was Wikipedia… Before there was Facebook and Twitter… there was Ward Cunningham.  The computer programmer who invented the first wiki, back in 1995.  Cunningham also did something even more radical – he didn’t patent his invention.  He passed up billions of dollars of potential revenue.  Why?  Because he believed the internet needed to be more democratic. How do you live your democratic ideals?  Living Democracy.


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  1. Salman Ahmad on Pakistani Rock and Roll and Democracy

    Democracy, politics and Pakistani rock and roll.

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  2. Ward Cunningham on "The Wiki Way"

    Before there was Wikileaks, before there was Wikipedia… Before there was Facebook and Twitter and blogs… there was a computer programmer named Ward Cunningham.  He’s the guy who, back in 1995, invented the wiki.

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  3. Azar Nafizi on "Reading Lolita in Tehran"

    You wouldn’t think the novel “Lolita” would go over big in an underground women’s book club in Tehran. But literature, like the people who read it, has a way of surprising you.  Azar Nafizi is the author of the celebrated memoir “Reading Lolita in Tehran.”

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  4. Mamek Khadem on Songs of the Revolution

    Many things can evoke a memory. Like a smell. Or a touch. When Mamek Khadem wanted to evoke the memory of her native Iran during the Islamic revolution in 1979, she did it with music. 

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  5. Tom Hayden on democracy

    Tom Hayden, one of the founders of Students for a Democratic Society and later a State Assemblyman and Senator in California, talks with Steve Paulson.

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