October 17, 2010
(was 12.13.2009)

Andre Agassi says he always hated tennis, even though it's what made him rich and famous. But maybe that's not surprising, considering how his father used to browbeat him into hitting 2500 balls a day when he was seven years old, and later sent him off to a tennis academy, which Agassi calls a "glorified prison camp." In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, we'll talk with Andre Agassi about the fine line between love and hate.

  1. Andre Agassi on "Open"

    Andre Agassi tells Steve Paulson about his father who was driven to make him a champion, but whom he does not consider to have been abusive.

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  2. David Finkel on "The Good Soldiers"

    Washington Post reporter David Finkel was embedded with the soldiers of Battalion 2-16 for eight months in 2007 during the Surge in Iraq.

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  3. Tyler Volk and Dorion Sagan on "Sex and Death" or "Death and Sex"

    Anne Strainchamps talks with biologist Tyler Volk and science writer Dorion Sagan, co-authors of "Sex and Death" or "Death and Sex" if you flip the book upside down.

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  4. Laura Waterman on "Losing the Garden"

    Laura Waterman is the author of a memoir called "Losing the Garden: The Story of A Marriage." The book explores how Laura could have permitted her beloved husband of thirty years to kill himself while suffering a profound depression.

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