Made in Russia

May 20, 2012
(was 04.17.2011)

Siberia is the name for a place we tend to think of as a metaphor as much as a destination on the map. Writer Ian Frazier indulged what he calls his dread Russia love with travels through Siberia, tracing the path of prisoners on their way to lonely exile and through mosquito-ridden swamps at the edge of the world. Next time on To the Best of Our Knowledge, we'll explore some history, stories and culture from Russia, from ballet to reality TV.

  1. Peter Pomerantsev on Russian Television

    British TV Producer Peter Pomerantsev found he was out of his depth when he was invited to move to Moscow to develop a Russian version of the west's popular reality shows.

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  2. Jennifer Homans on "Apollo's Angels"

    Ballet is performed all over the world, but in Russia ballet is the route to stardom.

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  3. Ian Frazier on Siberia

    Siberia is enormous, but Ian Frazier has crossed it all, from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean, in a barely functioning van.

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  4. Jim Hoberman on American Movies and the Cold War

    Films about the cold war were a staple of the American film industry for decades, symbols of the Atomic Age.

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