June 9, 2013
(was 07.29.2012)

What do the opening notes of Beethoven’s “Symphony Number Five” and a rabbit named Oolong balancing a pancake on his head have in common?  They’re both examples of memes – units of culture that are imitated and, as a result, copied from one brain to another.  Are memes the driving force behind cultural evolution?

  1. Susan Blackmore on Memes and Temes

    Susan Blackmore talks to Steve Paulson about memes and "temes."

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  2. Jonnie Hughes "On the Origin of Tepees"

    Jonnie Hughes talks about about his book, "On the Origin of Tepees: The Evolution of Ideas (and Ourselves)."

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  3. Grant McCracken on "Culturematic"

    Grant McCracken talks about his book, "Culturematic."  McCracken says that "Culturematics" draw from culture to create culture."

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  4. Diane Benscoter on Religious Cults' Use of Memes

    Diane Benscoter talks about how the Reverend Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church used memes to rewire her brain.

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