Moving On - Michelle Kennedy

December 21, 2012


Sometimes beginning again means leaving an old life behind.
For Michelle Kennedy and her three children, that led to living in their car.



Thank you for your interview with Michelle Kennedy on her book Without a Net on your 12/29/12 show.

Certainly she has been through a very difficult time, and I applaud her ability to take care of her children in the midst of such poverty.

I do wonder about her story in relation to Paul Gilding’s TED talk “The Earth is Full.”

Giilding says “The eminent scientists of the Global Footprint Network calculate that we need about 1.5 Earths to sustain this economy. In other words, to keep operating at our current level, we need 50 percent more Earth than we've got. In financial terms, this would be like always spending 50 percent more than you earn, going further into debt every year. But of course, you can't borrow natural resources, so we're burning through our capital, or stealing from the future.”
I believe we need to support sustainable living and say “to live sustainably, no single person, should bring into this world more than the one person they are, and no couple should bring into this world more than the 2 people they are.”
But even that does not address how we must change from consuming 50% more than the earth can sustainably provide. We have a little extra energy right now in the form of gas and oil – but shouldn’t we wait on having more than 2 children until we know how we are going to provide the energy and resources they will consume in their lifetime? Or do we really wish to see the famines that may be our future?
Might you have shows discussing the Earth Being Full, and how we can live sustainable life styles for future generations and ourselves?
Now the economists are saying the aging US population needs young people to work and pay into Social Security – ignoring that the Earth is Full.
We need to focus on Zero Population Growth, and how the Earth can meet the needs of 7 billion people sustainably now and in future generations.
Thank you for your shows. Bruce

I do wish someone would introduce her to birth control.

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