My Neighbor

June 2, 2013
(was 07.15.2012)

“Good fences make good neighbors." Robert Frost writes in Mending Wall.  Is he right? Maybe homemade chocolate chip cookies or lending a lawnmower are more neighborly. I guess it depends on who your neighbors are.

  1. My Friend Dahmer

    Maybe Mr. Rogers was right and every neighbor is a potential friend – someone worth inviting over, getting to know.  On the other hand, maybe the weird guy next door will turn out to be Jeffrey Dahmer.

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  2. Listener Neighbor Stories - Orange Hummer by Kim Duffy

    Kim Duffy's neighbor story from Utah.

    Average: 4.1 (7 votes)
  3. Listener Neighbor Stories - The Case of the Missing Cat by Nayantara Mukherji

    Our intern, Nayantara Mukherji, grew up in Bombay India, and all summer long, she’s been telling us stories about the unusual interactions she’s had with her neighbors there.  Like this one – the case of the disappearing cat.

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  4. Charles Dwyer on art with his homeless neighbor

    Charles Dwyer on art with his homeless neighbor - Jerry Pfeil.

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  5. Listener Neighbor Stories - The Shower Curtain by Donna Jaehrling

    A few weeks ago, we asked you to send us your stories of unforgettable neighbors.  Here’s one from Wisconsin listener Donna Jaehrling.

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  6. Alexander Masters on Simon: The Genius in my Basement

    Sometimes a new neighbor can be like a surprise package from Fate.

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  7. Listener Neighbor Stories - Visit - a poem by Susan Avishai

    This is a poem by Susan Avishai about a single elderly woman who lived next door for more than 25 years.She wrote it just a few months before her neighbor passed away.

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