Nature Stories

September 26, 2010
(was 06.01.2008)

Who says it's only humans who make art? Have you ever seen an elephant paint? Move over Jackson Pollock - elephant masterpieces are heading to the auction block! And when it comes to music well, Renee Fleming's got a nice voice, but have you have heard a whale sing? It's unbelievable. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, tales from the animal kingdom.

  1. David Rothenberg on Whale Music

    A philosopher and musician enjoys playing his clarinet with animals, especially whales.

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  2. Jennifer Angus on Insect Art

    Jennifer Angus is an artist who finds insects so beautiful she uses them in her work. Anne Strainchamps visits with her in her studio.

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  3. Anne Fadiman on "At Large and at Small"

    Anne Fadiman talks about the delight she and her brother took as children with collecting (and killing) butterflies.

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  4. David Gessner on Nature Writing

    David Gessner is a nature writer who's sick of nature and most nature writing.

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  5. Christopher Benfey on "A Summer of Hummingbirds"

    Christopher Benfey tells Anne Strainchamps why there was a hummingbird craze in 19th century Massachsetts, how artists and poets used them as symbols, and why they seem like winged jewels.

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